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Guidance Department Staff

 Kim Miller, Registrar,

Heidi Norrell, 11th and 12th Grade Counselor, 

Latoya Bell, 9th and 10th Grade Counselor,

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 Schedule Change Policy

Changing a class could possibly alter your break, lunch, and/or other classes in your schedule. You must accept all changes to adjust your schedule.

The master schedule of course offerings (teaching assignments) is arranged each year to accommodate the student requests during spring registration of the previous school year. If you did not submit a registration form in the spring, your schedule will not be changed. Classes are currently full. No other changes will be considered, even if a teacher has agreed to the change or tells you that they have room in their class. Schedule adjustments will only be considered for the below listed reasons. Please check the selection that best describes the nature of your request.

o  Student is an athlete and was not scheduled for the corresponding athletic or conditioning period.

o  Student scheduled for the same course twice.

o  Student has already received credit for the course in summer school or dual enrollment.

o  Student has an incomplete schedule (missing a class).

o  Student needs specific course to meet graduation requirements this year.

o  Student needs a subject level change with teacher/counselor recommendation (standard to advanced).

o  Student needs a course change to meet the requirements of an IEP or 504 Plan.



These are not reasons to change your schedule:

  • A desire for another instructor
  • A desire for a class to be a different/specific period
  • Requested the course, but no longer interested in the subject
  • Need to drop or replace a class to improve GPA