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  Monica Tindol, Library Media Specialist Phone Icon 334-567-5158 ext. 54999 Email Icon Email


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Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 7:15am-3:25pm

Our MISSION is to ensure that students & staff are effective users of information.  If students & faculty are to be effective users of information, they must be able to access, analyze, assimilate, and present it. Equipping them with the skills & information they need is the primary purpose of a school library media program. Implicit in this mission is the charge to ensure students learn these skills & to provide inservice for teachers as needed.


Our PURPOSE is to fulfill its purpose, the library media center must function as an integral component within the school program. It must... 
     (1) provide equal access to information in the school collection, 
     (2) furnish supplementary materials to enhance the school curriculum,
     (3) integrate informational skills instruction with classroom activities, 
     (4) assist teachers in using a variety of media formats to improve      
     (5) motivate students to enjoy good literature and other worthwhile  
                   resources, and 
     (6) encourage the use of technologies to improve instructional effectiveness.


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SERVICES:Library Services Logo

  • Automated catalog and circulation system
  • Internet access
  • Computers for word processing, presentations, email, etc.
  • Class and individual instruction
  • Personal reading guidance
  • Comfortable reading area 
  • Bibliographies
  • Copier service
  • Classroom equipment service
  • Research assistance
  • Media production
  • Purchasing and processing of new materials   




  • Over 17,000 books
  • Library Media Center website
  • Online resources
  • Alabama Virtual Library
  • Audio-Visual Resources
  • Magazines 
  • Daily newspaper: Montgomery Advertiser
  • Weekly newspaper:  Wetumpka Herald




Q. Who may borrow materials? A. All WHS students and staff may
borrow materials.

Q. How long may materials be kept? A. Books may be borrowed for 
two weeks.

Q. May materials be renewed? A. Yes, materials may be renewed
only one time.

Q. How many books may be checked out at a time? A. Students may
check out two books at a time.

Q. Are there fines for overdue books? A. Yes, fines are 25 cents per

Q. How can I find out more about the library's policies? A. Click on
the "Forms" section of the library's web page and read the library's
rules and procedures.

Q. Do I still need an Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) card, so that
I can access the database at home?  A.  No, you no longer need a
username and password to access AVL as long as you are within the
state of Alabama.  However there have been a few instances where
someone has experienced a problem accessing AVL when using a
wireless AIR Card for their home laptop or PC.   If you have a problem
at home or will be travelling out of the state of Alabama, just stop by
the media center and we will provide you with a username and
password so you can access the databases.  Please keep in mind you
can access AVL on any computer on our campus.