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Wetumpka High School - JV Softball

Wetumpka's junior varsity softball program is for developing young ladies' athleticism and their academics in order to get ready for a more vigorous varsity setting.  It is widely encouraged that a player learn more than one position.  Team concept and discipline are major priorities for the jv program.  Winning on this level is encouraged but not demanded. 

Development, hardwork, and patience are our priorities at this level.  Players progress and develop at differnet time frames.  Some players skills are more advanced than others in the 7th -9th grade but it doesn't mean those other players will not get to play.  Usually, those less advanced at an early age pass their teammates in skill level through hard work as they get older.  

At the end of the jv season, some players may be brought up to varisty level as role players and to develop their mental toughness.  Most of the time this is a needs basis and has nothing to do with age.   

Records the past several years shows the dedication and hard work that these ladies have in their  program.

2009:  12-11  Head JV Coach:  Randy Belyeu

2010:  29-8    Head JV Coach:  Randy Belyeu

2011:  28-8    Head JV Coach:  Josh Taylor

2012: 19-10-1 Head JV Coach:  Josh Taylor

2013: 19-9      Head JV Coach:  Josh Taylor

2014: 30-9      Head JV Coach:  Josh Taylor

2015: 30-1      Head JV Coach:  Jessica Mullino

2016: 21-8      Head JV Coach:  Jessica Hall

2017: 21-10    Head JV Coach:  Sarah Swedenburg