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Elmore County Registration Gateway Now Live
Posted On:
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
2 Different Portals - New Students and Returning Students
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This Update Portal is used to review and update information on your child(ren) who was/were enrolled in Elmore County Public Schools last school year.   You will log into each child’s record individually.  You will be shown what is currently listed in the system and will be given the option to update this information. ALL students will be required to have their guardians update their records. 

We will not be sending home the old Student Information Forms at the beginning of the school year. 

If there has been an address change, you will be required to bring address verification to the school to complete this update process.

You were given the username and password on your child’s report card in May.  If you do not have the report card, you will need to contact your school for help.


USERNAME: (State Student ID) 197123456

PASSWORD: (Student Date of Birth-in this format)  01/02/2011


Brand New Students to our School System:

If you have child(ren) who have never attended our schools or child development centers, you will need to go to the registration site and set up a new account and then add your child using this web address.