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Subjects Taught
SS: US History (1877-Present) (11th GR) (230019), SS: US History I (To 1877) (10th GR) (230016), SS: US History I HON (To 1877) (10th GR) (230017)


High school - Stanhope Elmore Class of 1974

College -  Livingston University (University of West Alabama)  Class of 1978

Non Degree Certification -  Georgia College and State University  1990


Taught at the following schools

Califf Middle School - Jones County Georgia

Jones County High School - Jones County Georgia

Baldwin Middle Magnet School - Montgomery, Alabama

Goodwyn Junior High School - Montgomery Alabama

Wetumpka Junior High School which merged into Wetumpka Middle School

Wetumpka High School





I was born the year my father graduated from The University of Alabama.  Many memories surround my childhood we moved from  Tuscaloosa to Selma and then to Millbrook.  I can truthfully say that I walked in history making footsteps.  I graduated from Stanhope Elmore and then from Livingston University (University of West Alabama).   I share my life with my husband Michael (37 years)  . My son Brandon is S/Sgt in the Army and is currently stationed at Ft. Sill Oklahoma.    He has blessed my life with his wife and two granddaughters.  My son Thomas graduated from WHS, he is a manager with Long Horn Steak House.  He is married and has gifted me with a grandog Jack.

   Life has a way of taking you down paths of discovery.   My first life revolved around the Insurance field. With recommitment to my hearts desire - I obtained my teacher certification and started my career in Georgia.  It has always been my dream to teach, priceless would be to teach in my home school system.  Momma ( Alabama) called I could not get here fast enough.  From Montgomery to Wetumpka -  Middle School  to High School -   I am a firm believer that God will put you where he needs you the most.   It is a dream come true to once again teach and inspire the students I helped at Wetumpka Middle School.  

My faith is strong and the passions in my life are God, Family and  Alabama Football.  The beach, Travel, Art, Nature, and Home are the medications that heal my soul. 


In 2008 I was able to mark my bucket list - I traveled with students to Italy and Greece.  I walked where Caesar walked, stood where gladiators fought,  drank from the fountain that Hadrian built,  went into houses once covered in ash from Pompeii,  stood where St. Paul preached, looked for inspiration at Delphi, crossed the finish line at the track at Olympia.  I have gazed at the remains of 3 of the 7 wonders of the world and can't wait to go back!  I feel that this experience will help me present these places to my students.  I have come back inspired and can't wait to share my experiences with my students!

In 2011 summer I was chosen to travel to China to participate in a Professional Development school tour.  I stood amongst the millions of people in Tinnenimum square and gazed in wonder at the Forbidden City and Terra Cotta Warriors.  I walked the Great Wall and wished that someone would have warned me about the plexiglass floor at the World Financial Building in Shanghai -   450 meter in the air or 110 stories high.   Chinese Food will never be the same!  American bathrooms will never go unappreciated. 

My summer travels have taken me to Mexico,  Grand Cayman,  Jamacia, Honduras and Belize. I will never forget the beauty of these places but the ugly memories that I carried home from there have molded my teaching philosophy.  Machine gun toting guards walking streets,  schools with no doors, windows, no books, and the only item in the classrooms besides smiling faces were benches.  Extreme poverty,  Cardboard houses,  animals running wild,  traffic of crowded buses and walking pedestrians,  long lines outside of open medical clinics.   My appreciation for American education doubled!  I can understand now why so many from these countries are seeking American citizenship.


My desire is for  my students are to experience as much of America as possible.  Plans are for travel to Washington DC and New York in the coming year.


I am a very visual teacher and use pictures from travels in making students appreciate life in the United States. 


I am looking forward to sharing my love of history with my students.   



I love teaching History -  Making the past come to life for my students.