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Adriane Duvall Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
FINE ARTS: Painting I .5C (280107ac), FINE ARTS: Visual Art I (280093), FINE ARTS: Visual Art I .5C (280093aa), FINE ARTS: Visual Art II (280094), FINE ARTS: Visual Art III, FINE ARTS: Visual Art IV


Education - bachelor's in art ed. and a master's in secondary ed.





 I have been teaching for more than twenty years. Below I've included some resume bits that some folks might be interested in...

· Certified Visual Arts Instructor (K – 12)

· Certified ESL (K-12)

· Certified Reading Specialist

· Highly Qualified as per No Child Left Behind requirements

· Experienced in many different art techniques and classroom settings

· Spanish language skills

· Participation in Building Based Student Support Team (BBSST), Lee vs. Macon and numerous Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

· Enthusiastic and effective classroom management and planning

· Excellent Alabama Professional Education Personnel Evaluations

· Organization and participation in large and small group shows

· Familiar with STI, INOW and other school programs

· Certified in IB Theory of Knowledge and IB Art


If you'd like to know more about me, stop by D-1 and we'll chat (although, admittedly, I might talk your ear off...). 

Come and see the fabulous work my kids produce!