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David Rowe Staff Photo
Mr.  David  R.  Rowe
Social Science
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Course Syllabus  

U.S. History II

  1. This course covers U.S. History from the end of Reconstruction until the present.
  2. This is an advanced class so it is very important to take notes. DO NOT TALK WHILE MR. ROWE IS GIVING NOTES.
  3. If you miss class see Mr. Rowe to make-up the assignments. It is not Mr. Rowe's job to get you to make-up the missed assignments.
  4. Bring pencil and paper to class everyday--- also bring your text
  5. Grading--   70% --tests--                                                                                                                                             

           30%--daily grades

           daily handouts        

            people to know


            other daily handouts such as enrichment

    6.     Each nine weeks there will be out of class written projects required for class.




  1. Sociology is the study of social structure (human social behavior).
  2. An example is the relationship between the employment of women and family size.
  3. This is an exciting field of study for the growing diversity of the United States.
  4. The class is an elective BUT WILL NOT be a joke. There will be assignments required of the student.
  5. Because of the nature of the class there will be class discussions that will be focused on both social problems and current events.
  6. Grading---50% will be tests

                          30%-- daily assignments such as chapter handouts

                         20%-- current events, activities, projects, essays, etc.