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Schedule Change Policy

Extreme care must be exercised in the selection of courses. The master schedule, textbook purchases, and the employment of teachers are based upon the selection of courses by students. Once selections are made, the school is staffed to meet those requests.

Because a lot of thought and planning goes into creating your schedule, the WHS Guidance Office will permit schedule changes prior to the start of school only if one of the following situations applies:

1.     A scheduling error has occurred (for example, you requested Spanish and were assigned to French).

2.     A scheduled course was completed the previous school year, in summer school, credit recovery, or credit advancement and is no longer needed.

3.     A core course was failed and needs to be retaken before the next course in sequence.

4.     Schedule is incomplete for fall or spring semester. 


Note: If a student does not submit a course registration form, the Guidance Office reserves the right to create a schedule for the student which meets graduation requirements.